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Who We Are

Welcome to S.A.L.T. Café 

This instalment is the latest in a string of family run, local businesses that have become a mainstay in Sydney’s Hills District. We are a father, a mother and two brothers, and perhaps most valuably, a team of dedicated staff. 

We love to eat, we love to drink, we love to share our food and at the fore, we love our customers. We believe in becoming your everyday, a welcoming home away from home, a place to share stories and ideas over a cup of locally sourced coffee and an honest meal. 

At S.A.L.T. Cafe you will experience the love of a family in everything we do. Our food is sourced from the local area, treated with respect and served with a smile. We believe in being a part of our business, from menu development, understanding current trends and needs of our customers, to the daily running of our business. 

Not a visit goes by where you will not meet or be met by one of the members of the S.A.L.T. family, in the hope that you will become a member of ours.

We are proud to announce that as well as our flagship Dural store, we have now branched out and have locations in the Harvey Norman Auburn store, as well as in the Penrith Homemaker Centre.

We hope to see you there as you join us on our exciting new journey!

The S.A.L.T. family.